Personal Goal Setting for 2016
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The purpose of this class is to help you understand who you are today and who you want to be 90 days from today. In just one hour, Allyson Lewis shares the first 4 steps of setting personal goals that challenge and inspire you. And, during the last 15 minutes, Allyson explains how you can reconnect with the passion and burning desire that only personal goals can deliver.

Setting goals for the New Year and understanding goal theory by using our proprietary goal setting worksheets. This goal setting video shares goal processes and ideas to attain personal and work goals. Learn more about how Allyson Lewis and The 7 Minute Life can offer corporate training and team training presentations by visiting
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Personal Goal Setting for 2016 Cover Reduced

Personal Goal Setting for 2016 Slide Deck


Personal Goal Setting for 2016 Worksheets Cover Reduced

Personal Goal Setting for 2016 Worksheets


Personal Goal Setting for 2016 Planner Cover Reduced

The #1 Time Management and Life Management Tool

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Are you looking for additional learning opportunities? Buy the companion online course - Time Management Strategies for 2016. This on-line course is $99.

Learn how to improve your personal time management and project time management through understanding the definition of time management, the theory of how to improve your time management, and productivity tips and worksheets.

This course is perfect for people struggling with distraction, procrastination, and attention deficit disorder (ADD/ ADHD.)

This course has been updated. And, is now called:
Time Management Strategies: A Blueprint for Productivity

Time Management Strategies for 2016
this a companion online learning course priced at $99

Once you have established your personal goals, the next step is to find time to accomplish those goals.


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Personal Coaching with Allyson Lewis.
Learning is the beginning. Developing life-changing skills is an opportunity to unlock your potential. When the time is right for you and/or your team. For pricing and availability, contact us:

Executive Coaching

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Time Management Strategies: A Blueprint for Productivity

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