Weekly Review

Track your weekly progress and allow for self-correction to advance toward your goals.

Weekly Review

The Weekly Progress Report is a tracking report. This project management worksheet allows for self-correction. At the end of each week you can use this project management tool to measure the progress of your actions and compare your progress to your goals. Ask:

  • What has worked best this week?
  • Do you need to make adjustments to your goals?
  • What are your action steps for the next week?
  • What are your goals and deadlines for the next week?

A friend made a great analogy, “When the space shuttle takes off and heads towards its destination, the shuttle is headed in the right direction, but it is never on target. Instead the computers are “self-correcting” and realigning the trajectory of the flight.”

Home life and work life are similar. Reaching your goals and dreams require self-correction. Self-correction is a higher level skill. Errors and mistakes are unavoidable, but the higher level thinker embraces this risk. The difference between success and failure is how long it takes you to recognize your mistakes and recalibrate your life back onto the correct path leading toward your goals.

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