Who Do You Want to Be?

Live a "forward focused" life and create a plan of who you want to be.

Who Do You Want to Be?

In the next 90 days, what do you want your health to look like? What do you want your home to look like? What about your family, faith and friends?

Who do you want to be thirty-one days from now? What does that person look like? Where do you want to go? You must understand the beginning of the journey, but you must also clarify where you would like to go. The thirty-one days to a brand-new you help you clarify where you want to go, but only you can clarify the outcome of this journey. One of my friends, Cozy Dixon, has a saying: “Play the movie to the end.” I really love this statement because I really believe we are all living in a movie—and we can choose the ending. Much like a famous painter, you can start with a blank canvas and partially create the future that you would like to see.

Today, I’d like you to take a look forward. Imagine your health. Imagine the weight you would like to be. Imagine the types of foods you would like to eat. Imagine your ideal day: What time did you get up? What did you do? What time did you go to bed? Can you gauge your own level of personal energy? What brings you strength, excitement, and courage? What would that day look like? Imagine if I handed you a paintbrush and asked you to paint your perfect life. Could you articulate it in a way in which all you would have to do was hang the canvas on your wall, look at it every day, and day by day slowly take one step forward toward it? You must begin with the outcome. Today’s action step is to paint the canvas of your life in words. Be as specific as you can; describe yourself in great detail as the person you want to become, look inside your heart, find out what awakens your soul, and listen to that person. Take time now to paint the canvas.

This worksheet prompts you to outline goals for these topics and more that you want to see improved in the next 90 days. This is an exercise of clarification that will bring you closer to your big picture goals.

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