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Improve Your Time Management in 7 Minutes

With The 7 Minute Life you will learn how to leverage 1% of your day to: think, clarify, plan, prioritize, and choose how you will spend the remaining 99% of your time.

Create Powerful New Habits with The 7 Minute Life Theory of Daily Productivity

Watch the video to understand the power of taking 7 Minutes in the evening and 7 Minutes in the morning to decide how you will spend the minutes of your day. Time is a finite and limited resource. As a time management training and coaching company we help individuals, teams, non-profit organizations, and businesses improve their time management, team communication, goal setting, and strategic business planning. Through the use of our proprietary tools you can:

. Clarify what you need to accomplish
. Prioritize your tasks
. Create repeatable processes and systems
. Enjoy starting and completely finishing one task at a time
. Implement concrete strategies to reduce procrastination, indecision and chaos
. Cut through the noise of distraction, reducing stress and anxiety
. Discover how you can increase your productivity by re-engaging in your work
. Learn how to increase you attention span

The 7 Minute Life is a choice. The 7 Minute Life is about choosing to consciously focus your attention for 7 Minutes in the evening and 7 Minutes in the morning to make deliberate decisions about how you will spend the minutes and hours of each day. You can be different tomorrow than you are today based on the choices you make on a daily basis. The process of moving from where you are today to where you want to be requires engaging your desire to learn and grow, while acknowledging that today is your only opportunity to live and breathe. And act! The 7 Minute Life is about taking tiny steps forward every day, while fully experiencing every moment in the present.
Improving your time management is not about getting more done. Time management is life management. Life is intended to be lived, not watched; inspired, not easy; meaningful, not mundane. The ideas of the 7 Minute Life have inspired positive change in the lives of thousands of people I have been privileged to meet and share ideas with during the past two decades. You’ll learn from fathers who have reconnected with their children and from couples who have rediscovered joy in their marriages. You’ll be inspired by the perseverance of women and men who have faced unimaginable odds—and won. You’ll read accounts of triumph experienced over life-threatening circumstances—and in everyday moments.

By following the stories throughout The 7 Minute Life books, videos, webinars, and blog posts you will meet people whose lives were very much like yours may be now. Then, in a matter of moments, their lives changed forever. Their journeys will inspire you to see new possibilities for yourself—and to stay the course when you encounter challenges.

The 7 Minute Life is a time management company that specializes in the art of helping you prioritize, organize and simplify your life so that you can stop managing time and start living.

24 hrs per day

1440 Mins/Day

1% of Day = 14 mins

7 Minutes - a.m. & p.m.